Denas Rakauskas, Community manager for Adobe


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Denas Rakauskas, Community manager for Adobe

My name is Denas. I'm a community manager by day and artist/painter by night.

Here are my current job positions:
Adobe communities manager and product manager / tech lead.
Moderation, development, team lead, project and product management

Co-owner / leader of Art Club
Moderation, development, team lead
Art Club is an art-centered online community with 18 000+ members.


Check out my painting brushes:

Looking to commission me? Connect with me and tell me about your vision!


Looking to commission me? Connect with me and tell me about your vision!


Fill out the form for any inquiries.

Want to meet likeminded artists? Check out the Art Club discord server
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terms of service

Commission steps

0. Contact me and let me know about what you want with the artwork, and your expectations.1. Fill out the request form2. I will make a sketch and send it to you for review.3. Once you have accepted it, I will finish the artwork.4. I will send my final invoice and send you the file once I receive the money.5. You have one free revision ($75 per extra revision)


I accept deadlines, but any piece of work will take at least two days. On average, a commission will take around one week.


No porn1 free revisionEvery commission has by default a CC BY-NC-ND copyright license. I can provide a commercial license, but this must be discussed, and will cost extra.


$30 per hour$75 per revisionCommercial license depends on project.

Thank you!

I will start working on the artwork as soon as I receive the money.
Fill out the form with your request in the commissions page if you haven't yet.
Once I am done with an initial sketch, I will send it to your email and ask what you think. Then I will finish the artwork and send you a locked PDF, you can ask for one free revision. Once everything is approved, I will send a final invoice.


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